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About the Show

Sergey Ross Show is an interview series focused on the psychology of business success in the tech industry. 

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It is hosted by Sergey Ross - a marketer and speaker who is driven to inspire other entrepreneurs, marketers, and artists to achieve their potential and pursue their goals. 

On this show, Sergey interviews top CEO’s and world-class performers in marketing and sports to uncover how they think: their routines, how they achieved success, what motivates them, what they read, how they overcome setbacks. 

The show is fully conversational, entertaining and has a lot of practical insights you can apply in your life to get better and chase your goals. 

You’ll get insight into what top performers are doing day to day to learn, solve hard problems, implement these ideas yourself and get better.


 Meet the Host

I’m a marketer, speaker and the host of this show. I immigrated from Ukraine to Canada to build a career in marketing. This show is the result of my drive and passion towards understanding the psychology and mindsets of successful people in business. 


My mission is to help other people build necessary skills and attitude to achieve their own goals and have a successful career.  

So far I interviewed over 40 well known CEO’s and marketing executives in Canada. 

In my marketing work I focus on creating great content, controlling operations and creating strategies to make people excited about a product or service. 


Popular Episodes

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Previous Guests

Past guests include: Sharn Kandola, April Dunford, Nick Van Weerdenburg, Adrien Schmidt, Matt Di Paola, Kunal Gupta, Nathan Monk, Asad Zaman, Nancy J. Spotton, Cody Royle, Marija Vukic, Steve Watt, Marcus Rader, Abdul Habboub, Adam Lacombe, Louis Grenier and others. 

In each interview I break down what makes them successful: their favourite books, routines, mindset towards challenges, time-management, career development and more. 


What Listeners Are Saying

Great podcast! You can tell that he truly wants to bring value to the listeners in the question he asks and the diversity of people he brings on. I did have the pleasure to be on his show a few months back. Might seem biased that I'm writing a review but my episode has already been aired a while back and I've continued to listen to his podcast. So I thought that it was fair for me to come on as a listener and write a review. Also, he's a very personable person and genuinely down to earth.


Mina Faith Movasseli


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