How powerful copywriting can be

Here's a personal story on how powerful copywriting can be.

I was renting out one of my rooms and instead of putting a short description of an ad, I wrote a long 2 pager listing all the benefits of my place, all the downsides and who I was looking for. I posted it on Kijiji and out of 200-250 views per day, I was getting about 4,5 responses.

Not too many, right?


But, here is a thing.

Every person who contacted me was exactly the one I wanted to talk to.

They were really qualified. Copy did all the work.

All the downsides (of my place) I listed built trust. The ad answered 99% of questions people had even before texting me.

It stood out. Good copywriting works.

And it doesn't have to be perfect.

Sergey Ross