Grow your business faster with authentic branded content and attention grabbing copywriting.

Sell more to your existing customer base, book calls with future customers, get your company brand known.


Selling and DIY “marketing”

  • Your team spends too much time explaining why your product or service is worth buying

  • You have a hard time getting leads - no-one knows your brand

  • You are not engaging your potential customers on LinkedIn

  • You are tired of inconsistent and poorly planned “demand generation” and cold email campaigns that do not get you results



Confused customers, high churn, low sales 😕

Marketing the new way

  • Your customers know exactly why you have a superior product or service

  • You get more qualified prospects because they know your company and its benefits

  • You stand out from 95% of competitors by creating a strong LinkedIn lead generation channel

  • You see the results quickly because of fast execution, clear practical plan and industry knowledge



Happy customers, high growth😀



Real marketing is not a “media plan” or a Facebook/Google PPC campaign or even LinkedIn lead generation.

It is your business strategy, your value proposition and your product or service positioning on the market.


I’m a B2B marketer that makes your business grow faster than others.

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Here is where I can help you.


Company branded podcast

Make your company and your brand truly well known. Intimately connect with your customers and give them advice and type of content they’ll get psyched about. Stand out from other brands by creating one of the most powerful and popular types of content right now.

(Includes: podcast concept, positioning, recording and editing episodes, marketing and promotion plan, repurposing audio content into blogs, quotes, short audio posts for your social media channels).

Email Marketing

Deliver valuable advice, tips, tricks and important news to your customers and prospects consistently. Kind of content that you want to open, read and learn more.

LinkedIn messages

Increase your sales and prospecting efforts with messages that people want to respond to. And then talk to you. Messages that are designed to be real and authentic, not the ones we toss in the garbage.

LinkedIn posts

Build a reputation of a thought-leader on LinkedIn with a series of posts (up to 1300 characters) that stop your customers in their tracks. Posts so good that make them stop scrolling, read it (and sometimes comment) and take the next step.

Chatbot playbooks and messages

Save your sales team hundreds of hours by rolling out high-converting messages and responses to your future (and current) customers. It can even sell your product offline.

(For platforms like Drift and Intercom)

Website copywriting

Deliver crystal clear understanding of what your company and product does to customers in under 5 seconds. Let your visitors instantly understand your benefits and why they are in the right place.

Landing page copywriting

Create a powerful, high converting storyline behind your product or service that makes your customers want to take the next step. 


Tell powerful stories about your company, your team, what makes you do what you do and of course your product.

Engage your visually oriented customers with short and interactive videos to deliver thoughtful and valuable advice. 


See my latest presentation to B2B companies


Leveraging LinkedIn: A growth marketer’s secret weapon

Check out the full article here.

“LinkedIn is a growth marketer’s best kept secret.”
– Sergey Ross, growth strategist


What Others Are Saying

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Sergey Ross: Canada's Next Super-Star Growth Marketer.

“When you meet him, you'll know what I mean.

5 minutes with Sergey and I was thinking to myself: 'wow, this guy has a really fresh approach to growth marketing.' He's that rare bird who is data-driven but creatively inspired, and very tech-savvy. He is disrupting the typical '6 Ps of Marketing' as well.”

See the full post here.

- Nathan Monk, Director of Growth Programming at MaRS Discovery District


"Sergey was really helpful in improving my LinkedIn profile, outreach and approach. He assisted with revamping my entire profile, understanding who my target market was and implementing a unique outreach strategy.

Within a day or two of working with him, I was making great connections and seeing results from the work he'd done.

Not only that, but I was getting high-quality responses and building strong relationships with people in my target market. This helped me save time in my marketing efforts, which is so important as an entrepreneur.

If you haven't used LinkedIn before or your current strategy isn't showing great results, I highly recommend working with Sergey."

👨‍💼 Joshua Schachnow, J.D.Immigration Lawyer


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Here is how my services stand out.


Effective execution with results, not promises.

I have the industry knowledge, necessary marketing skills and move faster than full-time employees so you can see results and hear them from your customers quickly.


No need for expensive training and on-boarding.

It takes months to train and bring up-to-speed full-time team members. And you have to pay for their insurance, health benefits and other expenses. If you want to attract the top talent of course.

In the meantime, nothing happens to your business. You still don’t have enough time to spend on other pressing company challenges and don’t see fast enough company growth.


No long-term commitments.

Pay per project, per week, per hour depending on what you want to attack first. Cancel anytime you feel confident about the future of your marketing.


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