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How the program works

The program is designed as a 10 days course, but you can obviously take it at your own pace. 

I do recommend to take it at a 10 day pace so you have time to do the assignments and learn the concepts and techniques. 

You decide what career goal or job title you would like to get and you will receive a series of videos that will help you execute it by the end of the program. 

If you are not sure what job you want or what purpose you have professionally I will help you design it and show what’s important to pay attention to. 


10x Daily videos

Each day you’ll get a series of videos where I will show you how to create a big picture goals for yourself, make your LinkedIn strategy work, how to build value in the right way and show it to employers, how to create a marketing campaign with touch points around your job search needs, how to create a tailored portfolio for employers.

Weekly and daily goal sheets

Each 3 days you will receive your goals sheet to reinforce the goals that you set and complete assignments and write down the challenges you have. (writing is kept to the minimum so you can focus on action) 

2x Recorded Q/A calls with Sergey

These are my recorded calls I’ve done with my audience that will help you and answer a lot of questions you have. These tend to be very valuable because people go through the same process you do and have similar questions you might have. 

Something that might take you months to figure out on your own will take you a few minutes. 

2x Screen recordings of actual tactics to save you time and effort

I’ll show you how to automate job search so you can 50x your efforts. This includes using software like LinkedIn and some other useful extensions. 

It also has an overview of workflows that I use to build relationship at scale. 

The program is based on value and discovery driven models


I’ve created this program with three goals in mind:

Never look for a job again

I want you to have the tools and strategies that will build your network and cultivate it so you can always have mentors to ask advice and never waste your time on job search in your life.

Adopt a winner’s mindset

For you to achieve any big goal and shift your current perceptions so you can attract whatever positive experiences you want in life. 

Be a goal crasher. Always!

After the program ends I want you to continue to kick ass and maintain accountability, standards and effort you’ve put in initially. With the tools I give you, you will be able to sustain the results of this system over long period of time in your life. 


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“I tried Attack Career strategy to see if it works. To my surprise, I met so many employers and got so much valuable information from them, not to mention the job offers, I became confident that finding a job in Canada is very much  possible. It totally depends on your strong desire and the right approach.” 

Natalia, recent college graduate


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