Land a Job You Want and Never Look for One Again.

Stand Out From the Crowd, Meet Employers, Get Interviews


Whether you are an immigrant and new to Canada or an experienced professional looking for a career change I’ll show you job search strategies that are the most effective on the market today.

They are based on creating your personal brand and showing the value to an employer in a way that makes you stand out from everyone else.

I’ve personally met with over 100 employers from companies like Amazon, Salesforce, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Oracle, Shopify, Ecobee, Freshbooks, Points and many others by figuring out what is important when you are looking for a job. I’ve incorporated all these learnings into this program.

By applying these methods and strategies I got multiple job offers and secured a full-time job in a tech industry even though previously I was getting no results at all. So did other people who took the program.

You can do it too!


Program Structure


Day 1 - Avoiding competition in a job search to win

Day 2 - Gaining more self-awareness and setting aggressive goals

Day 3 - Becoming a LinkedIn guru

Day 4 - Applying laser focus to your job search: what matters

Day 5 - Showing your value with a personal project

Day 6 - Presenting yourself like a boss

Day 7 - Preparing and crushing an interview

Day 8 - Having a kick-ass resume

Day 9 - Building your network from scratch

Day 10 - Managing your mind and your thoughts


What else is included with this program?

  • Blueprint to design a life you want that goes beyond just this job search

  • Kick-ass messaging templates for job search, building your network and all the hacks that I explain in the program

  • Resume sample with comments to design a document that passes recruiters


What my students are saying? 


“I tried Attack Career strategy to see if it works. To my surprise, I met so many employers and got so much valuable information from them, not to mention the job offers, I became confident that finding a job in Canada is very much possible. It totally depends on your strong desire and the right approach.” 

Natalia, recent college graduate


Your Job Search Strategy is Here