About Sergey

Sergey Ross is a success trainer, motivational speaker and the author of Attack Career program that helps young people have kick-ass professional lives and never look for a job again. 

He is the host of Crushing illusions video series on Facebook and Instagram and Sergey Ross Podcast dedicated to exploring the mindsets of high achievers.

He worked in sales and marketing in a B2B SaaS industry before starting his own training practice to share his knowledge and perspective on how to achieve greatness and success. 

After attending numerous career workshops, seminars and meeting hundreds of employers face-to-face from top tech companies like SalesForce, Microsoft, Oracle, Dell, Cisco, Canon, Xerox he developed a career program that now helps job seekers to never look for a job again.

Sergey is an immigrant coming from Ukraine, Eastern Europe. Growing up in the post USSR country gave him a perspective on different mindsets, lifestyles and the anatomy of success and achievement. 

After he immigrated to Canada he embraced North American culture and now trains entrepreneurs and young professionals how to achieve high performance and success in their lives. 


β€œTop 1% of successful people play a different game in life and career. In order to achieve better results you must take a first step.”

- Sergey Ross